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Boomer Fitness 3.0 Problems

There are several reasons why Boomer Fitness 3.0 may be a bad fit for your needs.  The first one is me.

I got introduced to the world of fitness as a Head Track and Field coach whose job meant preparing my athletes for competing at the highest level they were capable of, which was often the State Champiionship or National level.  As a result, I teach mastery.  I expect my clients to take themselves and me seriously.  That doesn't mean they have to reorder their lives. It does mean that if they aren't willing to schedule one hour a week on a regualr basis (with exceptions as necessary but not convenient), then they won't get the exceptional results that present me and my program in the light that reflects the study, money, and effort that I've invested.  And they will say my program doesn't work, when it's really they who don't work.

I've learned as a coach that ordinary people with ordinary talent who commit to an extraordinary program can accomplish things that look impossible to those who won't.  Working with my athletes taught me that safety, efficiency and effectiveness were non-negotiable, and that means technical excellence.  I don't do bootcamps.  My classes and one-on-ones are designed to make  my clients experts on themselves, and that means they will engage their brains at least as much as their bodies.  My cleints enjoy themselves, but the enjoyment is earned by discovering that what is possible for them is beyond what they imagined.  Those who think that taking care of themselves is an imposition should look elsewhere; there are any number of businesses that will cater to their needs.  I cater to those whose need is to be better than they were yesterday.

The program design llustrates the other reasons.  Boomer Fitness 3.0 is powered by Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, modified by me to allow my clients to safely put high but appropriate levels of demand on their minds and bodies.  Anyone who is willing to pay attention and make an effort to get better is in the right place.  My clients have ranged from people whose main challenge is inertia to those battling brain trauma, crippling autoimmune diseases (that would be me), self-inflicted joint and muscular issues, overuse, underuse, ahtletic injuries, non-athletic injuries...  I've modified the stretches for any number of issues.  Coming here will tend to strip you of your excuses, which is a good thing.  I know, because I ruined my life with excuses, thinking my Reiter's Syndrome was to blame for me turning into a coatrack while I commited the lifestyle sins that shift disease into overdrive.  My life has become a quest to claw back all the functionality that I threw away with my stubbornness and willful ignorance.  And now I'm more functional than most people my age and even younger.  We are limited much more by our choices than our circumstances.

The stretches force the stretchers to pay attention to their breathing, position, and movement while generating resistance.  Since we normally don't pay attention to any of this, our brains initially get overloaded big time; not because we can't handle it, but because we've forgotten how to.  If you want to turn your brain off, stay away. But if you want to turn your stress off, step right in.  And soon a magical thing happens: we find ourselves paying attention to those things when we AREN"T here; you know, in real life. And having control of posture, breathing, movement and resistance is empowering in a way that only those who experience it can appreciate.  But my clients do the work that make that possible.