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The best exercise program is probably the one you're not doing!


Whether you want a buff body, rockin' abs, improved athletic performance, or to prevent injury and premature aging, Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is your all-in-one program.  And see below to register for a free class!


This is the breakthrough fitness system that Olympic and professional athletes use to elevate performance and prevent injury.


It's also safe enough for the elderly, and for people with issues.  It can be done almost anywhere.  One 45 minute workout will give you strength, flexiblity and cardio training, while producing massive improvements in core strength and stability.


AND it will show you how to troubleshoot your body to prevent or rehab injuries.  Oh, and almost no equipment required, so you can do it anywhere, anytime.


Sounds too good to be true?  Check out these frequently asked questions and see for yourself.


Why is Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching the perfect health and fitness system for me, whether I'm looking to build long lean muscles, improve athletic performance, reduce the chances of injury, address joint and muscle issues, or upgrade my range of mortion, balance and stability?

Ki-Hara offers an unequalled combination of safety, effectiveness, efficiency, convenience and balanced program design.  And it trains your mind as well as your body.

Really...  that sounds like a sales pitch.  Can you prove it? 

To answer that, let’s see how Ki-Hara works:  you tense a muscle group, and then use other muscles to force the tensed muscle group to stretch.  That is the key, you stretch muscles that are resisting.  All the advantages flow from that.  In fact, let’s try a stretch. You can do this sitting, standing or in a lunge position; this will vary the core workout. 

Raise your left arm to the side of your body so that you forearm is parallel to the floor, and bend the elbow 90 degrees so that your hand is pointing to the ceiling.

Reach across your body with your other hand and grab your left elbow.  Inhale deeply.

Now exhale slowly as you pull your left elbow towards your right shoulder, while you resist with the left arm.  At the end of the range that feels good to you, inhale slowly as you pull the left elbow back to the starting position, resisting with the right hand. 

Well, I can see how that would produce long, lean muscles.

Exactly.  You are stretching a muscle through its full range of motion, lengthening it and making it stronger at the same time.  In fact, resisting while forcing the muscles to lengthen actually produces the highest level of demand on them, and demand level determines fitness level.


In order to survive, our bodies have to be adaptable.  If conditions change, and you can’t adjust, you either get worse or you die.  This adaptability can be very good, or very bad.  If your lifestyle reflects what you were designed to do, good for you!  If you live the modern, sedentary, repetitive movement, high calorie/low nutrient lifestyle, your body will adapt, but ultimately be compromised.  And that’s what’s happening, all around us.  And maybe to you.

But getting back to the highest level of demand, imagine you’re curling a dumbbell, the heaviest you can handle.  Now someone hands you one that’s almost twice as heavy, helps you curl it up, and tells you to lower it by yourself.  You can!  That’s the essence of resistance stretching, where the muscle is lengthening under tension.  You can generate almost twice as much resistance as you can force.  This is a function of muscle physiology.

How can it be so safe if it generates such a high demand?  What if I’m not in good shape?

The resistance protects the muscle from overstretching or tearing, and it stabilizes the joints involved.  And if you’re not in good shape, you can’t generate that much force to stretch the muscles; the system automatically adjusts to your fitness level.  This is why I can teach the same stretches to elite athletes and seniors: each stretcher has complete control over the range, the intensity and the duration.  You decide what is appropriate for you.  In fact, that’s a huge benefit – you HAVE to pay attention to your body.  That’s how you re-establish the mind/muscle connection, which makes it easier to then do other things too.  And there are different versions of the stretches, so you can decide which one is best for you.  I don't fit people to the system; I fit the system to people.

I can see how athletes would benefit.

The 12 time Olympic medalist swimmer Dara Torres calls this system the “secret weapon” that allowed her to break the American record in the 100m freestyle at the Beijing Olympics, at the age of 41!  And Beijing gold medalist gymnast Nastia Liukin used Ki-Hara to rehab from injuries that she thought were going to prevent her from competing!  NBA, MLB, NHL and all kinds of Olympians have used Ki-Hara to prevent injury while supercharging performance.  The power,  speed and accuracy of a muscle’s contraction is directly proportional to its ability to lengthen under tension.  The more tension it can generate while getting longer, and the longer it can get while resisting, the more forcefully and efficiently the muscle can shorten.

But what if I’m not an athlete?

You may not be a competitive athlete, but we’re all athletes in the quality of life marathon.   Wouldn’t you like to be stronger, leaner, more efficient and less susceptible to pain and injury?

Tell me more about preventing or dealing with pain or injury.

Most of us start out as reasonably functional – our bodies are balanced because all the muscle groups have comparable effectiveness.  But as I noted above, your body adapts to the demands you put on it.  That means you are ALWAYS training your body.  Do lots of different things?  Then you CAN do lots of different things.  Sit in a chair all day?  Now you’re an expert at sitting in a chair.  You train tension in the lower hamstrings, which bend the knee.  You weaken the quads, which straighten the leg.  Time for knee pain!

You condition tension in the hip flexors, which pull your legs up towards your chest.  You weaken the glutes, which help you push your pelvis forward, and you round your lower back, which weakens it.  Low back pain!

And so on.  Interestingly, those tight muscles aren’t all that strong, because they aren’t working against a load.

And these muscle imbalances cause joint problems, because muscles move you by pulling on bones.  Now you have joint misalignment, which causes premature wear and tear.

Sounds good.  But why can’t I just do other exercises?

 A well designed exercise program is a great idea, but here are the Ki-Hara advantages.  There are 16 different stretches, that target all the major muscle groups.  The exercises are set up in pairs, where you work a group, and then its balancing group or antagonist.  (This is called a superset.) So we would work the quads, and then the hamstrings.  Now you can start to diagnose where your imbalances are, so you know what needs the most attention. And because you have to generate the resistance, as well as the force to overcome it, it's more efficient than using machines, weights or bands to generate resistance for you to overcome.

Isn’t cardio important, too?

The Ki-Hara system will give you a high quality cardio workout at the same time.  Because we do the exercises one right after the other, it is essentially circuit training with no recovery necessary,  as you are working different muscles, or muscles in different ways.

Does it have ab exercises?

Because each exercise requires one side of your body to work against the other, or your arms to work against your legs, you abs are also worked - no extra charge!  In fact, that's your core's primary job: to stabilize unbalanced forces.

Won't I get bulky?

Not unless you are willing to put together a nutritional and supplement program to give yourself the raw materials you need to build massive muscle and manipulate your hormone levels.  Bulking up is a lot harder than most people who haven't done it realize.

It sounds great.  But what if I don't like it?

To insure your satisfaction, you can register to try a class for FREE.  Several of our classes are full, but there are openings Thursdays at 10 AM, and Saturdays at 9 AM.  Or. if you can get 5-8 people together, we'll schedule a class for you!  Classes are limited to 8; so call soon to ensure availabilty.  Classes last about an hour while you're learning the system.  Come dressed in workout clothes and bring your water.