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At least five years ago I tore my meniscus in two places in my right knee and underwent arthoscopic surgery. Following this surgery I spent the rest of that Spring in rehab of one sort or another but nothing I experienced resulted in the ability to get down on that right knee without pain. When we got back to upstate NY I found out about Peter Guare and his Human HyperFormance technics which reminded me of what I had been reading in Bob Cooley’s book “The Genius of Flexibility”. So I hobbled over to Socha Plaze to see what Peter could do to help me. WELL - - - - within one and a half classes I was getting up and down on both knees with no trouble at all thanks to Peter’s help and these Ki-Hara resistance exercises! However I was not successful continuing to do these exercises on my own. Fast forwarding to 2016 and a three-stent heart operation in NC, I made a beeline for Peter’s classes because my muscle weaknesses leading up to and following the heart operation were causing many muscle and flexibility problems. Then Orthopedic doctors diagnosed “bone-on-bone” in my right knee which triggered my need to get back to Peter’s classes with the help of my cane and over the last few weeks I have regained a lot of the strength in my legs back (tossed the cane aside) and did all this with no pain or damage to my knee. It is important to note when I told Peter about my “bone-on-bone” situation he remarked that he has had “bone-on-bone” in his knees for the last seven years and hasn’t needed any knee replacements yet! I decided I wanted what he’s got – good answers, great resistance exercises that work without negative impact or pain. You will, as Peter says, find yourself “annoying your muscles into actions they don’t like to make” but the results are remarkable and your improvement in flexibility and strength will happen quickly to benefit your quality of life! You just have to make the personal commitment to change yourself for the better. Changing your life in this way is not easy but once you decide to change you will never regret it! Gladly written by Fred Lyngard