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“Peter, I wanted to personally thank you for working with us. It’s an amazing program for anyone interested in making changes in their life! I have had two back surgeries and have lived with varying degrees of pain for years. Most recently the pain was getting so bad that I was fearing a third surgical procedure. I was waking up 5-6 times each night due to the pain and sometimes struggled to fall back asleep. I wasn’t sure this was ever going to change. Three weeks ago my wife and I began to explore spinal decompression and we were prepared to pay $4000 to try to get results and obviously there were no guarantees. Then my wife found your program. I am absolutely amazed at the results in less than two weeks of working with you. I sleep all night for the first time in years and in the morning I literally hop out of bed (two weeks ago getting out of bed was a very painful 5 minute process. I was prepared to go to almost any financial and medical lengths to eliminate this pain and the answer was just doing your program. I would encourage anyone to try your program. Please feel free to use my situation as an example of the results people can expect! I am still amazed by the changes I’ve experienced. Thanks for all your help! P.S, After only three weeks on the program I’ve lost seven pounds and took my belt in a notch! Dan Maynard”