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"NO PAIN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!! Boomer Fitness 3.0 has been a life changer for me. I don't get psyched about just anything these days, but I recently returned from a very active trip from East to West coast and back. For the first time ever I had no pain after activities that would ordinarily put me out of commission for weeks due to significant neck and back issues. Golfing, kayaking, lugging luggage.. I kept waiting for the "aftermath", but it never came! I am an Occupational Therapist, and I know a little about exercise physiology. This program is backed by research. Strengthening during the stretch phase is the most effective way to add strength, flexibility and muscle relaxation, and most important, functional results. Although anyone can do it, this program is all about individualized abilities and can be very challenging. Thanks to Peter Guare of the Human HyperFormance Center for Advanced Anti-Aging for his training expertise as a certified Ki-Hara Instructor and inventor of Boomer Fitness 3.0. Seriously, don't be afraid to do what will change your life for the better. Ellen Beals."