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"Seven years ago, at age 58, I discovered that I had "old man legs". I felt unsteady negotiating stairs. Had to hold the banister to maintain balance. Pain and swelling in my knees if I sat too long. Pain and stiffness in hip joints and lower back. I felt unsure about certain motions and lost my confidence. I remember my father going through the same things. His solution was to do less and take pain killers. I had always been a runner and did some cross training as well. But something was missing. Peter Guare has a good understanding of the aging process. The exercises are as demanding as you want and you can do them just about anywhere on your own. I recently joined a senior hockey league. I'm playing squash again. A few months ago, I jumped down from my pickup truck bed - no problems! My Orthopedist said I needed knee replacement surgery, but what i really needed was strong, balanced, functional muscles! Chris Trow"