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I came to Peter's Ultimate Anti-Aging Workout class because I was in difficulty as a result of an infectious disease (undiagnosed for several years and finally addressed) as well as the stiffness and weakness of getting older. I was afraid I couldn't do his classes, as everyone else looked so healthy and strong. Peter told me to take my time and pay attention to what my body was telling me. He explained how resisting while stretching protects the muscles and stabilizes the joints. The other stretchers were so supportive, and said that they too had issues before coming. After just a few classes I could feel the difference. I got stronger and my pain decreased. I could do things I thought I'd given up for good. I lost fat and my clothes got looser. My success gave me confidence to address my diet; as Peter says, control is addictive! And I'm so glad I'm hooked! Maggie