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"I have been taking weekly classes with Peter since late May 2018. It is hard to express in words the transformation in my whole self I have experienced. There is a body, mind and spirit connection that evolves in this modality that has allowed me to be free of pain and avoid knee-replacement surgery. I am now attending twice a week because I love the experience, as it is not exercise in the general sense, there is a connected-ness within self that extends to my external environment and vice versa. I am happier and more active for the first time in decades. I have only lost a few pounds, but my clothes fit differently, because I have replaced fat with muscle and muscle is much more dense. I am revealing my hourglass figure, and I didn't know I had one! Peter is a master at sharing above and beyond Ki Hara with breath work and personalized individual approaches to what my body is trying to communicate to me. Janet"