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"Peter: my son Terell enjoyed your program last week.  Coincidentally he dunked last night for the first time!  Sincerely, Rachel Winney"


The Alpha Athlete Program is a multi -part system that addresses the factors controlling athletic performance - physical, technical, mental and emotional.  Whether you are young, or just want to perform like you were young, the Alpha Athlete Program will up your game.


The cornerstone of the program is Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching.  Ki-Hara is the same system that elite athletes like Olympic superstar swimmer Dara Torres and Olympic Gold Medalist gymnast Nastia Liukin, as well as NBA MLB and NHL stars use to elevate their performances - and eliminate injuries.


Ki-Hara is also an integral part of my Elite Athlete workshops - either off-site as with the Albany Legends of the International Basketball Leauge at right, or on-site with members of the Albany Running Exchange).  But the Alpha Athlete program integrates Ki-Hara with sport-specific exercises and pacing to develope explosive power, linear and non-linear speed, improved endurance and biomechanical alignment.  The improved efficiency not only generates better performance, it prevents injury.


Coaches only have so much time, and it's just impossible to coach technique, conditioning, flexibility training, recovery, speed, the mental aspects...  so much goes into peak performance.  The Alpha Athlete program will allow the coach to concentrate on his or her sport, knowing that the athlete brings all those other factors to the table.


Here is what coaches have said about Human HyperFormance and Ki-Hara.


“Peter: our team really benefited from your presentation on Resistance Stretching.  A number of our student-athletes came forward with various issues and they all found them improved after only a few minutes of work.”  Roberto Vives, Head Coach, Indoor and Outdoor Track, University at Albany



"Thank you again Peter!  I will have Dani write down how quickly it loosened up just before our national event and email you her quote.  Everyone really enjoyed the training and more importantly the parents loved it!  After we finished last night, each of the athletes said they felt a little more relaxed and had a quicker first step during the training.  We are very lucky to have such an amazing tool right in our backyard.  I will talk to you soon!"  Tim Tocco, In Nae Tae Kwon Do
Update - three weeks later
Thank you! We did very well. Danielle, Sophia and Kyle all took the gold! We had a very good showing. Thank you again for the help with Danielle. Talk to you soon."  Tim Tocco

"After about three weeks the girls could see a difference in their muscle tone in their arms and abdominal area.  After seeing those results the girls knew the exercises were really working.  My injuries were a lot less this year and I really think this program had a big effect on that as well so thank you again Pete."  Mark Gatta, Head Coach, Scotia Glenville Girls Lacrosse


Additional components of the Alpha Athlete Program include age-appropriate

  • plyometrics specifically designed and sequenced to train explosive power
  • strength training to rapidly and safely improve raw strength
  • mental training to potentiate available muscle mass - Demand Motor Memory
  • core training to help injury-proof the athlete while improving overall performance
  • agility and speed training - both linear and non-linear speed
  • sport-specific movement training

As a bonus, your athlete will learn the RIGHT way to stretch for optimum flexibility, performance and injury prevention.

Cost is $50 per session, with a maximum of 4 athletes.  If 2-4 athletes book the sessions together, the cost is reduced to $35 each.  Classes last about an hour and meet twice a week, with one day training legs and one day training arms.  Core and brain training occur both days.

Call 518-727-6233 for available times; class times can be scheduled to accommodate groups.

Here are a couple of our athletes in action

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for working so hard to create a program to meet the specific goals Danny was looking for.  Our goal was to increase his core strength, his stability and balance, as well as his power and explosiveness - and all have been achieved since Danny has been involved with your program.

Not only does Danny have fun working out at your facility, the results he achieved are phenomenal.  Amazingly, In less than two weeks he drastically increased the flexibility and range of motion in his hamstrings and improved his vertical leap by over 7 inches!
In addition, since the Fall Danny has increased the velocity of his fastball by 6 mph!

Danny has fun and the results speak for themselves - thank you for working with him.

Dan Maynard"


Update 7/10/12

"Thank you Peter. He's doing very well and having fun.
He's playing for the Bayside Yankees this Summer out of New York and we miss having him around. We travel to see him play as much as possible - it's a great program.
Today he flew out of LaGuardia for Missouri for two weeks and then to Lubbock, Texas for the last tournament of the Summer session. This week he was promoted to the 18 year old Scout Team and the last two weeks he'll be back with his own 16u team. They are all amazed at how hard he throws and how quickly he can throw runners out. As a result, lots of colleges have approached his coaches.

I have been asked numerous times by other parents how he got so strong and how he developed such a strong throwing arm and your name and program comes up a lot. Unfortunately, none of the families are from around here. He is about the only kid on the team who never has a sore arm, but he "stretches" differently than they do......LOL.

Hope all is well. Say hello to your Dad!
All the best.


"Three sessions, and my son's body began to become noticeably stronger and more defined.
My son was a high school sophomore who knew he needed to become bigger, stronger, and faster for his high school sports, especially if he wanted an opportunity to play a sport in college.  For the first time since sixth grade he did not play a Spring sport but decided to work with Peter as his personal trainer. He could not have made a better choice. The physical resistance work engages the mind as well as the body. It has given him confidence that he can succeed in the athletic arena.The results are dramatic, more than I have ever seen doing a different type of workout. His coaches have noticed the changes as has anyone who sees Ty.  I plan to have my husband and myself try a stretching class since I see the benefits and want to age strongly and healthfully.  I also hope to have my other two children experience Peter's expertise before they return to college.  I strongly encourage you to try this for yourself because in this case experiencing is believing!"
Jeannine Dowdle, Burnt Hills parent and Scotia-Glenville Educator



"My son Jeffrey has been going to Human HyperFormance for the last four months.  I've already seen increased flexibility, jumping height, agility, and most importantly confidence.  Peter's extensive background and holistic approach to fitness allows him to adapt to each kid’s physical needs, personal goals, and their specific sports needs.  Peter brings out the best in the kids as he gets them to engage in their health. As Jeffrey says, 'It's fun: like working out but not' ".  Judith


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