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The Ultimate DeStress/Detox is a comprehensive program designed to give you maximum effectiveness and enjoyment in a minimum of time.  The secret is the complementary modalities that act synergistically to amplify the benefits of each other.

We start with a passive aerobic exercise session to stimulate lymph and cerebro-spinal fluid circulation.  A specially designed thorax pillow drains tension from the chest and neck, allowing easy breathing and relaxing the back as well.  An Earthpulse Geomagnetic  Field Supplementation Device and a Perkl Light Energy Spa provide soothing energy to further decompress you, while psycho-acoustic sound programs gently and pleasurably shift your brainwaves into deep meditative states.  A gentle scalp massager dissolves even more tension and increases blood flow to the head.  Stress disappears, to be replaced by an amazing burst of energy at the end of the session.


Then our sauna/ionic footbath combination takes the  effects even further.  The Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna utilizes far infrared light rays as its heat source; the same light rays sunlight warms you with. Because they penetrate your clothes and skin, they produce a deep heating action that is much more efficient than a normal sauna. As a result, the FIR sauna operates at 100°-130° F instead of the 170°-180° F of a normal sauna. The lower heat does not dry out mucous membranes, so no steam is needed.

The client sits comfortably dressed in light clothing or a bathing suit and enjoys the gentle heat. The FIR benefits are many. Muscle and joint pain diminish as muscles relax and blood flow increases. (The FIR sauna was originally designed for Rheumatoid Arthritis relief.) The immune system is boosted. The body detoxes as toxins stored in the subcutaneous fat are sweated out. Calories are burned and the cardiovascular system gets a workout as the heart pumps blood faster to try to cool down. NASA concluded in the 1980s that far infrared stimulation was an ideal way for astronauts to maintain cardiovascular conditioning on long space voyages. For more information, use the High Tech Health link at the bottom of the page.

We include an ionic footbath detoxification session with the sauna to give you the ultimate in detoxification and energy balancing.  A second psycho-acoustic sound program further relaxes your brain, putting your mind at ease as you luxuriate in the present moment.  Young Living Oils provide aromatherapy to engage your sense of smell, adding  to the delightful experience.

Hydration with purified, alkaline water is included.

The Ultimate Detox costs $45 per session.

Want to buy the same sauna or water purifier/ionizer that we use?  The Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna is recommended by more health care practitioners than any other, which is we we have one, and why we've partnered with High Tech Health to offer them to our clients.  Save hundreds of dollars by clicking through here

Please note: the Ultimate DeStress/Detox is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  The FDA has not verifed the above claims.