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My name is Peter Guare, and 15 years ago I was looking for anything to relieve the pain that was crippling me, courtesy of an incurable autoimmune disease, ankylosing spondylitis, and chronic stress.   I didn't want to go on the pharmaceuticals that my rheumatologist thought I should take, as I was afraid of the side effects.  So I started looking outside the box.  Therer's a lot of junk outside the box, but some very effective things too.  So I tried all kinds of things, discarded the great majority of them, but kept the most effective.  And I got better.  In 2003,  I founded Human HyperFormance to help other people get better, too.

But along the way, a funny thing happened.  I didn't just feel better, I looked and worked better.  And that's when I realized that your lifestyle is the most important choice you make as far as your health and quality of life are concerned.

We are collapsing under the weight of lifestyle diseases - cancer, heart disease, Type II diabetes, Alzheimer's... lifestyle diseases kill more people and cost more money than infectious diseases.  And it will continue to be that way, until we fix our lifestyles.

I cleaned up my diet and eliminated my chronic stress (it can be done, and I have the power tools to help), but the most effective change I made was building Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching into my lifestyle.  In fact, I've developed many of the stretches to allow ANYONE, even Boomers, Seniors and those with issues to safely and very effectively reduce and eliminate pain, weakness, and premature aging while improving strength, mobility and functionality.  I call this system Boomer Fitness 3.0, because it gives you strength training, stretching and cardio all at once.  You see, exercise isn't just about how you look.  Exercise is medicine; at least, a well designed exercise program is.  Exercise is what we're designed for.  And as they say, use it or lose it.  Or in terms of obesity, use it or gain it.

I'm 66 years old and most of my spine is fused, courtesy of my autoimmune disease.  The cartilage in my other joints is being attacked.  But I'm in better shape than most men half my age, because exercise is the ultimate anti-aging program, too.  And I think Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is the ultimate form of exercise.  Check it out.  Your body will thank you.

My resume--

B.S. Psychology, Union College '74

Awarded John Lewis March Prize in Psychology 1974

Selected for membership in Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society 1974

Awarded Fellowship for graduate study in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Connecticut, 1975-6

Sixteen years as Head Track coach at Scotia-Glenville High School. His athletes have won 17 Sectional Team Championships, 8 Individual and 3 Relay State Championships, finished 1st in Team scoring at the State Championships 3 times, have finished Top Ten at the Indoor Track National Scholastic Championships 4 times, and have been ranked as high as 3rd nationally.

Attended, by invitation, the first International Developmental USA Track and Field Sprint/Hurdle Camp (1998) featuring Brent McFarlane, Head Olympic Track Coach, Team Canada, Sydney 2000

Enrolled in the Optimal Breathing Development School in Waynesville, NC 2004
Level 2 Certification 2004
Level 3 Certification 2005

Energy Medicine Associates "EFT and Beyond" workshop in Arlington MA 2005

Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced Three Day Seminar chaired by Gary Craig, EFT founder 2005
Emotional Freedom Technique Certificate of Completion, 2006
Awarded EFT ADV Certificate, 2006

Merdian Flexibility and Strength Training Certification Program Level 1
2005, Level 2 2006, Level 3 2006
Level 4 and Level 5 Training, 2006.

CEC certification update 2008.  Apprenticed with Bob Cooley at the Meridian Stretching Center in Boston 2008.

Ki-Hara Stretching update Level 5 with Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra, 2009

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