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Hi.  I'm Peter the Stretching Expert, and If you want to upgrade your health, fitness and anti-aging safely and efficiently, here is your program.  Now you can try a free ZOOM class! Monday 6 PM, Thursday 10 AM or Saturday 9:30 AM.  All times EDT.  Call 518-727-6233 or email info@humanhyperformance.com to register.

KI-Hara Resistance Stretching is a breakthrough application of a well-known but little used fact about how our bodies work: stretching muscles while they resist improves their length, strength, flexibility, function, and more.

KI-Hara offers unsurpassed efficiency. Unlike normal strength training, where you use machines, free weights, bands, or your own passive bodyweight to produce resistance and you produce the force to overcome it, in Ki-Hara you produce both the force and the resistance. You are actually working harder than you think.

And when one side of the body resistance stretches the other, or your arms work against your legs, your core muscles spring into action. They are anchoring the moving parts, allowing you to direct your energy efficiently from a stable center. You get powerful, functional core workout at no charge.

Plus, resistance stretching allows you to safely activate your muscles at their highest level; you can produce at least 25% more resistance, where the muscle is lengthening under tension (think lowering a weight), as force, where the muscle is shortening under tension (think lifting the weight). This is why weight lifters do assisted negatives: they use help lifting the weight, and then lower it by themselves. Not strong enough to lift it, strong enough to lower it with control.

That resistance stabilizes the joints and protects the muscles from over-stretching or tearing, so Ki-Hara is very safe. In fact it prevents injuries; many injuries happen as a result of muscles being suddenly subjected to forces beyond their capacity to resist. By training your muscles regularly to resist, they can shrug off the unexpected.

And you control every aspect of each exercise: how much to resist, how much force to use, what range of motion to go through, how may reps... In fact, by paying attention to your movements, you will reconnect your brain and body at a profound level, especially when the demand is high. Safety is baked into the system because control MEANS safety.

So regardless of your age or fitness level, you can safely and efficiently train your body to get stronger, more stable, more flexible, more mobile, and more resistant to injury. Your energy levels will jump; stretching muscles while they resist through their full range of motion releases conditioned muscle tension through the full range - tension that we build up over weeks, months, years, sometimes decades of repetitive motion or non-motion, poor posture, or stress tension. That tension steals your energy while it distorts your posture and joints and restricts your movements; eliminate it and you get that energy back to use for what YOU want.

I'm 69, and for the last 44 years I've been battling an incurable autoimmune disease: Reiter's Syndrome aka Reactive Arthritis, which has fused most of my spine and destroyed the cartilage in my joints. My life was chronic, crippling pain. But after I learned about KI-Hara, I discovered two powerful truths: most of our joints' functionality is a result of strong, balanced muscles surrounding and supporting them, and much of the pain we feel is really weakness. Our subconscious sees weakness as dangerous; remember, for most of human history we had to do physical work to survive. Pain preempts strength, but strength prevents pain. Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is a whole body solution that addresses all your major muscle groups. It will teach you what your body is telling you it needs and how to make it work most efficiently.

If you want to control your pain rather than it controlling you, if you want to improve your posture and joint alignment, to regain or maintain activities that you love or need to do, to feel strong, confident, balanced and connected in your body, let's get started.

Try a free ZOOM class in the convenience of your home! Monday 6 PM, Thursday 10 AM or Saturday 9:30 AM.  All times EDT.  Call 518-727-6233 or email info@humanhyperformance.com to register.