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Cllick here for another powerful stretch that will fire up your core and lower back!


"With the help of Resistance Stretching, I've been able to fulfill my dreams well into my 40s."  Dara Torres, twelve time Olympic medalist swimmer and, at 41, American record breaker!

Elite athletes like Dara Torres, Olympic Gold Medalist gymnast Nastia Liukin, star outfielder Jayson Werth, NBA athlete Allan Houston and others know that performance is king.  They also know that to perform, you have to stay healthy.  That's why all of them have utilized the advantages that Ki-Hara Power Stretching has to offer.  But Ki-Hara isn't just for elite athletes.  Here's why it should be YOUR fitness system.


Ki-Hara automatically adapts to the fitness level of the participant.  We've taught it to elite collegiate ahtletes, 80+ year olds, and everyone in between.  All have been amazed by KI-Hara's effectiveness.  You'll feel it immediately.


In conventional strength training, machines, weights, bands or your own passive body weight generate resistance, which you then overcome.  In Ki-Hara, YOU generate the resistance, as well as the force to overcome it.  Now you're working even harder!  And by using Internal Resistance, your core muscles activate to stabilize you as one side of your body works against the other.


The resistance supercharges your results.  By starting with the muscle shortened, and then forcing it to lengthen while resisting, you get a stretch through the full range of motion.  The resistance improves the muscle's strength, while the other muscles you are using to force the first muscle to stretch are getting strength trained. 


The resistance stabilizes the joints and protects the muscle from strains or over-stretching.  You control every aspect of the exercise in real time, with immediate feedback.


We have stretches that address your personal needs and issues.  Use Ki-Hara to eliminate the muscle imbalances that distort your joints, restrict your mobility and range of motion, and generate pain and weakness.

Get results faster and greater than you thought possible by providing the optimal stimulus for lean muscle growth. Rid yourself of deep muscle tensions conditioned by constant stress or traumatic experiences. Stop pulling yourself apart. Condition range of motion and core stability for the rest of your life. Pair this with Optimal Breathing™ Development and rebuild yourself from the inside out.

Static stretching WEAKENS muscles. Strength and stability come from the muscle's ability to CONTRACT.

Ki Hara Resistance Stretching provides a great conditioning workout. The program design incorporates advanced circuit training principles as well as alternating muscle/antagonist targets that keep you in as high a level of intensity as you want. Since you control the resistance levels, intensity can range from mild rehabilitation to optimal neuromuscular strength and lean muscle mass stimulation. You are providing both the resistance and the stretch; you work two sets of muscles simultaneously. The calorie burn is obvious immediately.

Experience the power of Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching; it feels different than any other workout, because it IS different.  Right now, we have openings in our Thursday morning at 10 AM and Saturday morning at 9 AM classes; the otheres are full.  Try it with no risk - if you don't feel the power and effectiveness, or for any reason at all, there's no charge.  If you choose to sign up, that's the first of your six classes, which cost $135.  Classes last about an hour, and you can miss a class and not lose it.

Whether you want to tone up, slim down, or just work better, Ki-Hara will work for you, just as it has our other clients.

Five years ago, at age 58, I discovered I had ‘old man legs’.
I felt unsteady negotiating stairs.
Had to hold the banister to maintain balance.
Pain and swelling in my knees if I sat too long.
Pain and stiffness in hip joints and lower back.
I felt unsure about certain motions and lost my confidence.
I remember my father going through the same things.
His solution was to do less and take pain killers.
I had always been a runner and did some cross training as well.
But something was missing.
Peter Guare has a good understanding of the aging process.
The exercises are easy to perform and you can do them just about anywhere on your own.
I recently joined a seniors hockey league.
I’m thinking about playing squash and skiing again.
This system really works.
Chris Trow

Hi Peter.  I saw my neurologist yesterday and he was impressed with the strength in my limbs.  I attribute my good condition to your program and told my doctor about it.  HIs advice is to keep up the good work, so thank you!

Linda Arony

Hi Pete.  I recently recieved the results of my bone density test.  About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with ostepenia - small frame, mother has osteporosis, watch out!  Good news from the doc's report; my bone loss is now within no)rmal limits (wish there wasn't any, but at least it's not a diagnosis of continued ostepenia.)  Doc's recommendation: continued protocol of calcium, Vitamin D and Resistance Stretching!

Jan Tunison

Hi Everyone--

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial...Just wanted to share this
program I recently found that might be able to help your athletes reach
even higher levels of excellence.  It is called Ki-Hara Resistance
Stretching, and it has been helping me in my continual quest to rebuild my
strength due to Chronic Lyme Disease.                                                                                

I have been using this program of resistance stretching for about 6 weeks
now, and I cannot believe how helpful it has been in rebuilding my
atrophied muscles and strengthening my entire body to help me conquer my
fight.  I thought that if this could help me-- who has had to give up
physical activity for 7 years-- imagine what it could do for athletes in
your programs who are already in excellent physical condition and who want
to push themselves to an even higher level. 

Peter Guare, a past S-G track coach, runs this program and offers
workshops and private training that you and your athletes may be
interested in exploring.  I have put his website link regarding the ALPHA
ATHELETE program for you below.  I have also put some testimonials from
that website written by BHBL's own Danny Maynard's father Dan. You should
check out the other testimonials from area athletes on this site as well--
they are pretty incredible!

I figured I would send this to all of you OMS coaches, but Please feel
free to forward this to other coaches in the district, or anyone else I
might not have known was a coach here.  Thanks for taking the time to read

Michele Moynihan

Human HyperFormance and the Ki Hara System have been featured in the National and regional media, including Running Times Magazine, the national how-to running publication, the Albany Times Union, the Denver Rocky Mountain News, the Orlando Sentinel, the Schenectady Gazette and others . Additionally, we are featured in  Running Times with Optimal Breathing Development. For people who take their performance and health seriously, we offer the cutting edge techniques used by the elite. Now they are available to you, too.
All sessions include advanced hydration with purified, pH balanced and permeability enhanced water.